Blended oils from Omved – 3 ways to use them

Blended essential oils are a mix of more than one  essential oil that work in harmony to soothe and calm the mind or just purify the air around you. While blends from essential oils are created primarily for fragrance, in some cases it also has its own therapeutic benefits that can work wonders in healing you.

The blended oils from Omved are a mix of fragrance and therapeutic needs that you will love to use in your living spaces. Omved has 7 blended oils – Nidra, Shantam, Tej, Ekagraya, Kama, Sushwasa and Mashaka. Each of these oils can be used in multiple ways except for Mashaka which is not advised to be used on the skin.


3 ways of using blended oils from Omved

You can use blended oils not just for the joy of aromatherapy, but also for complete relaxation.  We’ve listed 3 ways to use our blended oils/diffuser oils in your daily life.

In the diffuser 

Let the relaxing fragrances from these blended oils surround your living spaces. Add 3-5 drops of the blended oil to the diffuser and the healing and calming aromas spread around. Each of the blended oils has its own distinct therapeutic properties. Our Sushwasa blended oil is excellent to reduce congestion, while Nidra promotes a sense of calm.

As a foot soak 

Let go of those aches and pains while you indulge in a good home spa! Take a pail of hot water ( as hot as you can take). Add to it two handfuls of epsom salt. If you don’t have it, plain rock salt will do too. Add 5-6 drops of your favourite blended oil/ diffuser oil and soak your feet in the pail of water.

As a massage oil 

Even though we have our range of ayurvedic body massage oils, if you just happen to run out of stock with them, here is an quick tip to make your own massage oil. Mix 2 drops of the blended oils with a carrier oil – pure coconut oils are preferred. Apply this mix on damp skin if you want to use it as a leave in moisturiser or massage this on the body and wash off with warm water in a shower.

About the essential oils of Omved 

Our blended oils have been formulated from 100% pure, undiluted therapeutic grade essential oils revered for centuries in Ayurveda for their restorative properties to body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy the pure pleasure of truly natural healing scents and the joy and sense of well-being they bring. Inhale, restore and feel peace.



You can view the entire range of our blended oils and accessories here.

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