3 tips to better your yoga pose



The start of a yoga journey is a beautiful and special one. It helps you to explore yourself within and test your limits like you never did. You need to welcome yoga wholeheartedly to enjoy the beauty of it. While you discover the unique rhythm of yoga, it is also important to ensure that you follow the right tips to better your yoga pose.

3 tips to better your yoga pose

It is important to know that each one of us have a different body type. With different body types come different challenges that can come in our yoga journey. We’ve listed three tips that can help you perform the yoga asana better. Get ready to perform your asanas the right way.


When you start off with the standing poses, it is important to keep your feet firmly rooted to the ground. When you press your feet, you need to balance and press your feet into the floor for stability. Similarly when you are doing the sitting poses, it your seating bones that will act as the grounding factor. In other poses, like the Downward Dog pose, your hands and feet will be your roots. You need to have a strong foundation to be able to practice a safe and strong pose.

Using an anti-skid yoga mat is always a good idea so that you don’t slip during an asana.

Be Aware

When you are perforing the yoga asanas, be aware of the specific rhythms of your breathing. Notice the breathing when you stretch and at what point it is happening. It helps you to connect your body and mind. It is known that the body, breath and mind come together in harmony when you are performing an asanas. When you are more aware of what you are doing, it can deepen your yoga practice.


No matter what pose your are practising, you need to be relaxed and not over the edge when performing the asana. Stressing out is going to take the fin out of the yoga. If you find it difficult, then take a break, breathe deeply and relax just a bit. It will help you to cool down and realise that yoga is not a struggle. When you are relaxed, you are also less prone to injuries.

Yoga is not just as an exercise. When you perform yoga on a regular basis, you’ll notice that there will be a deeper connection with yourself as time goes by.  These simple but necessary tips will help you to better your yoga poses. 

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