Best Ayurvedic Compresses You Must Try


Best Ayurvedic Compresses We love being able to move about on our own, whether it’s bending to pick up a child or kneeling down to wrap up a chore. But with age or injury, our musculoskeletal system tends to go through wear and tear, limiting our movements. As a result, it’s not just our physical health that is affected; our mental and emotional well-being is also at stake.

However, popping a pill at the first sign of pain isn’t recommended, and visiting a doctor every time your joints hurt may not be practical either. But that doesn’t mean that you have to just suffer through your pain – you can try age old solutions like an Ayurvedic compress to alleviate the pains.

Ayurveda has always recommended using hot and cold compresses for pain relief, reducing swellings and promoting relaxation. Blending traditional with the contemporary times, we’ve created a range of best Ayurvedic compresses that help you relax and keep those aches and pains at bay. Here is a look at some of Omved’s best Ayurvedic Compresses that work marvelously as  both cold and hot therapies.

Omved’s Best Ayurvedic Compresses you must try

  1. Soothing Grains Knee Compress

Best Ayurvedic Compresses Of all the joints in our body, our knees are among the first to take the hit of years of wear and tear. Considering that our knees bear our weight throughout our life, the ligaments are more susceptible to tears. Since creaking knees are often associated with ageing, most people are in a hurry to fix this!

The Soothing Grains Knee Compress is designed to fit around the knee perfectly. The organic cotton cover ensures that the compress is always maintained at a safe heat and is breathable enough for all seasons. The compress is filled with the right weight of grains, which is safer than any chemical filling which can be toxic if heated. Since the compress is microwave safe, all you need to do is pop it in for a few minutes and then use it.

Got a painful ligament? Dab a bit of our best-selling Sukhata Thailam and massage till the oil seeps in. Use the compress on the massaged area for additional comfort and relaxation.

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  1. Soothing Grains Neck Compress

SOOTHING Grains Neck Compress

With so many of us spending hours a day hunched over our laptops, computers and smart phones, neck and shoulder pain is a reality – regardless of age. While most of us would appreciate a good massage, it may not always be practical!

The Soothing Grains Neck Compress works well to release all kinds of neck and shoulder discomfort. The horseshoe shape ensures that it rests perfectly on the base of the neck, and the 100% natural grain filling helps it stay put, offering the right level of pressure. The compress can be used as a hot pack to relieve muscle tension and as a cold pack to soothe pain. The organic cotton material is designed to handle all temperatures, and ensures that the skin is always kept safe from extreme heat or cold.

Want to indulge in a bit of aromatherapy as you relax? If you are using it as a hot compress, spray the Kushala well-being mist on the compress and use it.

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  1. Soothing Grains Waist Compress

SOOTHING Grains Waist Compress

There’ll hardly be anyone alive today who hasn’t experienced some form of back pain in their adult life. Sudden movements, wrong posture, heavy lifting, osteoporosis etc. are just some of the many reasons we hurt our backs and when it happens, it can completely immobilize us.

The Soothing Grains Waist Compress is the perfect way to deal with lower back pain, whatever the cause may be. It also offers comfort from menstrual cramps and bloating. The grain filling applies the perfect amount of pressure on your back, without causing any additional pain or discomfort. The compress can be used as a hot pack by heating in the microwave or as a cold pack by putting in the freezer for a few minutes.

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  1. Breathe Easy Eye Mask

Best Ayurvedic Compresses

Anyone who has experienced sinusitis is familiar with the heavy, congested feeling around the eyes, and the resulting headache. This is because of the blocked sinuses, found along the eyebrows and cheekbones. Usual hot and cold packs are often too bulky for the sensitive eye area, which is why you need a customized eye mask.

The Breathe Easy Eye Pillow is the ideal solution for a sinus infection and works even better than over the counter drugs. This mask is designed to be larger than an eye mask, covering the entire eye area, including the eyebrows. The pillow is filled with flaxseed, dried flowers and a combination of essential oils. The light weight of the pillow soothes pain and the essential oils heal the congestion and open up the nasal passages.

A perfect prelude to a blissful night’s sleep is what some of our customers who have bought this eye mask say!

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  1. Baby Bib Compress

Best Ayurvedic Compresses

Due to their under-developed digestive systems and delicate skin, babies cannot be subjected to most adult therapies. And combined with the fact that babies can’t accurately voice their discomfort, parents often have to be creative in making their little ones comfortable.

The Baby Bib Compress is an innovative hot and cold compress that offers little babies relief from many common problems like colic, congestion, cough and general crankiness. The bib is designed to cover the baby’s torso, including  chest and abdomen. The cover is made of soft cotton that does not irritate baby skin and maintains it at a safe temperature. The filling is made of 100% natural and safe flaxseed and ajwain seeds.

Let your baby breathe easier, calm down and sleep better. Perfectly weighted to soothe a congestion and provide a warmth to heal faster. We also recommend that you do not leave the compress un-monitored.

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  1. Nursing Breast Compress

NURSING Breast Compress

While breastfeeding is the best solution for both mother and baby, it is not without its challenges. Blocked ducts, engorgement and mastitis are all common problems endured by nursing mothers and it can discourage new Moms to continue with breastfeeding.

The Nursing Breast Compress is a one stop  solution for all nursing Moms’ breast troubles. The soft organic cotton cover is easy on delicate breast skin. The compress can be used as a hot pack to encourage let-down, open up blocked ducts and soothe mastitis pain. It can be used as a cold pack to relieve engorgement and pain, particularly during weaning.

A perfect companion for those moms who are breast-feeding or ready to wean the baby off feeding. When used as a warm compress it provides a soothing comfort that helps reduce the pains. While the cold compress helps to reduce the swelling if any.

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When using any compress, it is important to follow the safety instructions, particularly when heating it. Use each compress for the area it was designed for, to get optimum comfort. When used correctly, hot and cold compresses can beat medications any day and offer an additional level of relaxation as well.

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