Benefits of Hanging Windchimes

Hanging wind chimes has been followed since ancient times, but not many people are aware of the benefits of windchimes, why it is hung and, more importantly, in which direction it needs to be hung.

Wind chimes are known to dispel the stagnant and negative energies in the living spaces and they usher in the positive energies with the sounds it makes.

According to traditional fengshui schools, wind chimes are used to cure negative energies, challenging permanent fixtures inside a home. For example, if there is the presence of a Vāstu dosha of health, wealth, happiness, relationship, marriage in a living space, the wind chime helps in negating that dosha. If you need a strong negative eye repeller (buri nazar repeller) element for your family or if you feel the progress of your family is hampered and/or is constantly facing an obstacle that often does not work in a positive way, then I would recommend the Najarbutti Wind chime to be placed near the main door of your home. This will cleanse the CHI as it enters your home and the ShaChi (negative arrows) to be transmuted into good energy.

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Similarly, if you are seeking peace and calm at any point of time, the Prana Prakriti wind chime will help you to connect your soul with the Universe. The beautiful sounds of this chime will bring you the much needed peace of mind; promote meditation and a calm that one often seeks at the end of a long winding day. The ideal place to hang this wind chime is your living room. If you want to promote peace and happiness in the family, you should hang the Sukhshanti wind chime as it will bring in happiness and togetherness in a family. It will help in making a house into a home. Similarly the Swastika which helps in ushering abundance of positive energy in a home is got by the Shubhlabh wind chime. To promote healing, good health and a healthy body, hang the Seven Chakra wind chime in your bedroom balcony or close to your bed. For a body to be healed, it is equally important to heal the mind and declutter it, to promote positive thoughts. So I will suggest Reiki meditation along with crystals.

Guidelines to be Followed as Best Feng Shui Placement of Wind Chimes for Curing Doshas:

  • Be mindful of matching the material/ element of the wind chime with the bagua area element where you want to place it.
  • A metal wind chime can be placed in the West, Northwest and North, while a wood/bamboo chime can be placed in the East, Southeast and South.
  • Sometimes you can even find wind chimes made with porcelain or clay bells, in which case you are dealing with the earth feng shui element and will place them in earth or wood feng shui element bagua areas (Center, Southwest, Northeast, East and Southeast).

The wind chimes at Omved are such that it does not hamper the element of the direction. It works miraculously and helps in healing the dosha. Each of the wind chimes from Omved are crafted according to the age old traditional methods and have one or more of Vāstu friendly elements that will promote positivity in your lives.

Customize your wind chime

Now that you know that the right windchime and door hangers can invite health, well-being, peace and prosperity in your surroundings, it makes sense to place the right one at your home, in the right size that fits your door. You can also get your wind chime and door hanger, or bhandarwar, customized depending upon the size of your door or windows. Do chat with us. 

Post By Celebrity Tarot Analyst, Fengshui Consultant, Reiki Grandmaster INSEEYA K.




  1. Thank you for the tremendous blog. I was really surprised to learn that wind chimes have actually been around since the ancient times, and were hung in an effort to remove the negative energies in living spaces. I’ve been thinking about redecorating my front porch, as it seems a bit barren right now. With wind chimes, it could not only be pretty but add to the overall aesthetic of my home.


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