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We spoke of the seven major chakras in our last posts and how to practice chakra meditation to be able to unblock the chakras effectively. When your chakras are in balance, you feel positive and full of energy. Chakra meditation is a bit different from the normal meditation because in chakra meditation, you need to visualize a giant ball of white light that is entering your body and cleansing the negativity and the unblocked chakras.

We have listed some of the most significant benefits to be gained from chakra meditation.

Benefits of Chakra Meditation

1. Mindfulness. As with any form of meditation, mindfulness is probably the biggest benefit of chakra meditation. You learn to control the wild thoughts of a racing mind and focus on the here and now. Mindfulness is a life skill that is necessary to make the most out of one’s life – both in work and in play.

2. Increased awareness of your mind and body. As you sit there, feeling the flow of white light through the portion of your body corresponding to each chakra, you become more aware of the energy channels (nadii) in your body. You can almost see the insides of your body as if your skin were transparent. This leads to more awareness of the slightest change to your body, even when you’re not meditating.

3. Self healing. Chakra meditation works on the concept that your body knows how to heal, but it needs to be brought into a state conducive for it. During chakra meditation, you’re giving this power to your body and by removing all other distractions; you’re giving it a chance to heal itself.

4. Letting go of damaging thoughts. One reason your chakras are not spinning properly is because of all the negative energy you’re subjecting yourself to in your daily life. Chakra meditation relieves your mind of all those damaging and self sabotaging thoughts and gives you more confidence to achieve your dreams.

5. Clearer goals. Speaking of dreams, one can hardly expect to see clearly ahead when your vision is blocked by clouds of unwanted thoughts and ideas. Chakra meditation clears up those blockages, and your mind opens up to its real purpose.

6. Better body image. During chakra meditation, you may marvel at the beautiful arrangement of the chakra rainbow within our body. Realizing the true power of our body – both physical and subtle – gives us a whole new respect for it. You’ll no longer be plagued by negative body image, now that you know how wonderful your body is.

7. Realizing the power of your mind. While several books have been written on the topic, few people realize how much we can manifest using just the power of our minds. Chakra meditation requires you to focus your mental energies and through it, bring about balance in your body. This can be applied to anything in life, and you gain the confidence that if you will it, you can achieve it.

8. Better control over temper. Anger is a strong, negative emotion that is usually triggered when there is an imbalance in your world. It is usually counterproductive and acting upon anger can worsen these imbalances. With chakra meditation, your chakras open up and a sense of equilibrium is restored in your body. This helps you manage your emotions better the next time there is a similar trigger.

9. Improved relationships. This is a natural progression of gaining control over your temper. As you attain peace within you, you are better able to empathize with another person. This way, you can respond and help in the right manner which leads to more loving relationships and a happy home.

10. Instinct and conscience. Our instincts are very powerful tools to help us in tough situations and keep us safe. Noisy modern life has dulled our sensitivity to our instinct and it becomes harder to listen to our ‘inner voice’. Chakra meditation, especially one that focuses on the brow chakra, can sharpen our senses and help us look inward.

The benefits of chakra meditation go beyond the physical and can help unlock your true potential. Be sure to take it slow, speeding up the process will not help at all. Take it easy and be consistent; and watch your amazing body heal on its own!

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