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Little everyday things that we use every day make a huge difference on the environment. Sometimes, unconsciously we are adding to the landfill that causes enough harm to the environment. Yes, we do throw a lot of stuff away, but have you ever thought where does it all go? In our last part of this post, we will acquaint you with 3 more things that you can reduce, reuse and recycle at home.

Newspapers and Magazines

Reduce – Nearly all magazines and newspapers have online versions now, which help in reducing paper wastage. Will you read that physical newspaper again or the magazines that you have subscribed to? Most of us pile them up to only sell them later. A good option would be to think carefully about which magazines are of any use to you and get rid of the rest.

Reuse – Magazines or books can be donated to your local library, so others can read them too. Also, you and your friends or neighbors can subscribe to different magazines and then exchange them with each other. There are also people who buy second hand magazines in bulk and then sell them at a cheap price at second hand stalls.

Recycle – Indians have been recycling newspapers for generations now; there’ll usually be someone in your area that collects them. Another good use is to make little paper gift bags. Comic sheets can also be used to wrap gifts. There are many tutorials on the internet for DIY jewelry and papier mache crafts which uses paper.

Electronics and Appliances

Reduce – It is very tempting to get the latest phone or food processor which we think will make our lives easier. But more often than not, they aren’t really necessary. If you do plan to get a new appliance, ask the store for an exchange offer, where they give you a discount in exchange for your old appliance.

Reuse – If your appliance or phone is still in working condition, consider donating it to someone less fortunate. Make use of warranty periods and try to repair a defective appliance instead of rushing out to get a new one.

Recycle – There aren’t too many ways you can recycle a phone or appliance by yourself. Most electronics stores have a place where you can dump your old appliance and the same goes for mobile phones. The stores usually know where to get them recycled.

Cereal boxes/tissue boxes/other cardboard

Reduce – A great many products come packaged in cardboard boxes. A lot of it is biodegradable, so it isn’t as much of a problem as say, plastic bottles. There isn’t much you can do to reduce their usage; after all, everyone needs to buy soap and toothpaste! You can choose to collect it all and give to the recycle departments though.

Reuse – Not much reusing potential here either, unless you have strong cardboard boxes. Large boxes are helpful for people who are moving house, and smaller ones can be used for packing gifts.

Recycle – Cardboard boxes are recycling gold. There are millions of crafts and DIY projects that can be made using cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes. You can also flatten them and give them to recycling centers that’ll make good use of them. Toilet paper rolls are also quite popular in the DIY organizing circuit!

This is a small list and if you looked closely, there would be many more articles in your home that can be recycled and reused. We have listed the top things in our homes that can be reused at reduced. We hope these tips are helpful for your family and you can live a greener, cleaner and clutter free life!

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