Beat the summer heat with plants


Keeping your home cool during the summer is a challenge! The intense heat clubbed with the humidity makes it difficult to control the temperature even at home. Not to mention the frequent power cuts that just adds to the woes in the summer. Has it ever crossed your mind that you can use other alternatives to keep your home cooler in the summer too?

Fortunately, nature has blessed us with an easy solution – house plants or indoor plants that you can keep within your home for an easy, cost effective cooling solution. During summer, one of the chief benefits we gain from plants is through transpiration.

Transpiration is a process by which water moves through a plant and is evaporated from its surfaces. There is a natural temperature regulation system here since the external temperature and relative humidity affect the rate of transpiration in a plant, which in turn helps in cooling the air surrounding it. Besides this, plants are known to absorb a variety of toxins from common household cleaning products as well as from paint.

We’ve listed a few plants that can help keep your home cooler this summer.

Areca Palm (Areca catechu)

This is probably the top pick when it comes to cooling houseplants. Areca palms are known to release huge amounts of moisture into the air. It is also superb for cleansing the air and is a great air humidifier. It looks grand and is perfect for the living room or home office.

Aloe Vera (Aloe vera)

This is a plant that is perfect for summers in the sense that it requires very little water and is resistant to attacks by most insects. It is even used for water conservation in small farms. Apart from cooling the air around you, this plant has numerous other cosmetic and medicinal properties which make having it around a win-win situation.

Money Plant/Devil’s Ivy/Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

This plant is famous mainly for it’s supposed money-attracting properties, but it also makes for a good summer plant. It is great for removing toxins from the air such as formaldehyde, xylene and benzene. The plant is also quite attractive and is frequently seen adorning office spaces and living rooms. Although it requires very little maintenance, care needs to be taken to ensure that its growth is controlled so that it doesn’t spread all over the place.

Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina)

This is relatively large, more tree than plant. They are great for the living room, purifying the air by filtering out pollutants from carpets, sofas and other furniture. It however requires a little more maintenance than the others, especially trimming the leaves and keeping the tree neat-looking. They are a little fussy about any kind of change and respond by dropping their leaves which can be frustrating.

You can always opt for natural options to keep your home cooler and beautiful too! Adding a bit of greenery in your home will not just make your home looks beautiful but will also purify the surroundings. Green is also a soothing color, and the presence of green plants can lift people’s spirits, improving the overall mood of the inhabitants of the house. You can also indulge in growing your own herbs too!

Important Note: Exercise caution when using these plants especially if there are pets or children at home, since their ingestion can be quite toxic. In case of such an event, seek medical help immediately.

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