Balasana – the yogic pose for sleeplessness


Yoga promotes a holistic living and it is essentially a combination of breathing techniques, meditation and asanas that help you live better. Did you know that we’ve been actually performing yoga ever since we were babies? There are various types of yoga asanas that range from a fit life for the corporates with stretches they can do at the work station to asanas that help you unwind and relax after a long tiring day. 

We’ve always talked about the immense yoga benefits and how it is offers not just fitness but also an emotional balance of your mind. Today we’ll focus on Balasana. Also known as the Child’s Pose, this asana helps to stretch your lower back and arms and relaxes your lower body.

How to perform the asana

  1. Start by kneeling on the floor. Touch your big toes together and sit on your heels.
  2. You will now need to separate your knees as wide as your hips.
  3. Exhale and lay your torso down between your thighs.
  4. Rest your stomach between the thighs and rest the forehead on the floor. It is recommended that you place your forehead on a cushion if you find it uncomfortable to rest your forehead on the floor.
  5. Now you can either bring your arms back, in line with the thighs and the palms facing upwards or stretch your arms in front of you with the palms facing towards the floor. These are two variations of the hand stretch that is performed in the balasana. It is recommended that you choose the one that you are most comfortable with.
  6. Balasana is a resting pose. Stay in the pose till the duration you find comfortable. You can start with as less as 30 seconds and gradually increase the duration of the stretch.
  7. Use your hands to push the floor away and slowly raise your body to move to the normal position.

What are the benefits of bal-asan?

There are immense benefits that are associated with every asan. The bal-asna helps you to:

  • Stretch your hips, ankles, lower back, hips, knees and the thighs.
  • Relax your  spine, shoulders and neck
  • Get rid of the headaches – This asasna is a perfect remedy to headaches because it increases blood circulation to your head that can help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches
  • Calm the mind and helps to relieve the stress and tension
  • Massage the internal organs
  • Reduce belly fat thus making it a good weight loss exercise too.

Balasana is an awesome way to rejuvenate and bring back your energy. It is advisable that this asana should not be performed by pregnant women and people who have a knee injury. Ensure that you have a gap of at least one hour post the meal before you sleep and when you perform this asana.

What is your favourite asana to relax and unwind after a hectic day? Share it with with us and we’ll feature you in our social medias. 

Image source: Stylish Yoga

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