Aromatise Your Home This Diwali


Aromatherapy is healing. And when it is used in its purest essence, it can be very therapeutic too. This festival aromatise your home with the healing fragrances from Omved. We’ve hand picked some of our best aromatherapy products that will be a delight use at not just at your home, but also to gift.

Aromatise your home

Aromatherapy Soy Candle Set

One of our best sellers, not just in the festive season, but all year round. Made with the calming essential oils of vetiver and sandalwood, these pure soy candles will fill your home with a delightful and relaxing fragrance when they are lit. The set contains 4 votives that promise a breath of bliss.  Click here to buy it.

Aroma Diya Gift Set

A blend of tradition with aromatherapy. Handcrafted terracotta diyas are packed in this beautiful gift set along with an aromatic based diya oil. These beautiful diyas will add a touch ethnicity to your decor while spreading a warm and healing aroma in your living abode. You can use these diyas around decorations of flowers or rangolis. You can also just place it around your home to let the fragrance spread around. You can also use it at the worship place purify the surroundings. Let the aroma and the light from these diyas aromatise your home and illuminate it. Click here to buy this set.

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks have been long used to purify homes. There is nothing more beautiful than ushering in a feeling of positive energies. Our range of incense sticks are completely non-toxic and made with specific herbs, resins and more that will help to aromatize your home this festive season. Choose from a range of healing incense sticks that will spread a sense of calm in your home. Look up all our incense products here

Aromatise your home

The list of gifts that you can choose to gift your loved ones is endless. You can pick not just these but loads of other chemical free products from our store. Click here to shop with Omved this festive season. Shopping with us will introduce you to a wide variety of products – from hair and skin care to healing tisanes and more.  This year make conscious choice to choose natural products that will help you reduce the carbon footprint on earth. Wish you a season of joy and festivities!  


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