About Us

Our name OMVED was created from the fusion of the words; (the absolute) + (knowledge) Item bodies our founding principle – ‘To live and let live in complete consciousness.’

We are interconnected. Every thought, word and action of ours has repercussions on this Universe and all the life it sustains, starting from ourselves. To make ‘mindful’ decisions based on the impact of our choices is to live in harmony and health..

And yet what is health? Given the barrage of endless confusions and over complications of most modern-day health advice,it really is a challenge even to define ‘good health’ let alone look for ways to achieve it.
Well at Omved, we believe that ‘sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward’ – and that is precisely what this blog does!
It seeks to reconnect with the timeless wisdom of the Vedic traditions of ancient India; the oldest living healing sciences in the world.

It attempts to demystify ‘pure natural living’ with the aim to –

  • help you find your pure self
  • develop your natural potential and
  • equip you to live life to the fullest


We see people everywhere, looking for ‘conscious lifestyle solutions’ that support the values of fair-trade and ethical sourcing. Consumer choices are being driven more and more by products and practices that are‘safe’, natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. And we believe that it is not just a trend, but a major shift!

Omved products are a testimonial to our conviction that enjoying wellness and maintaining a principled stance on the great issues of the day do not have to be mutually exclusive activities. Our ‘living aids’ address the six key areas on the Omved Wheel of Balance, are inspired from the time-tested holistic Vedic sciences and designed to fit in your current lifestyle, helping you restore much needed balance and equanimity.

But beyond products and doing business, our chief inspiration and aim to start Omved was to spread awareness and raise consciousness about pure natural living. The Omved blog is our endeavour to do this online.

It is our attempt to create a collaborative platform that celebrates and is dedicated to people looking for restoring their natural health, harmony and happiness. It is a gathering place of masters and seekers. A temple of knowledge to learn from the learned and to share thoughts, ideas and feelings about the world we live in and our relationship with it. It’s your ready source to natural medicine and holistic healing as well as insight on how to live an overall healthier life. From the enlightened medical science of Ayurveda, the mind balancing philosophies of Yoga, the emotional balancing fundamentals of Rasa tantra, the cosmic laws of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), the path to divinity by Bhakti to the spiritual design system of Vastu Shastra, experts and enthusiasts share their tips and techniques and research and recommendations.

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We hope that the Omved blog, our little microcosm of the world community will serve as a nurturing, positive and a supportive destination for people like you, who are seeking health, wellness and more importantly a sustainable living

May you can enjoy a long, healthy and happy life… naturally! And always – Be Balanced. Be Natural. Be You.

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