9 ways to save our environment

There are a lot of us who want to do our bit to save our environment. There are a lot of people and communities who come together to conserve and protect the environment and save the earth. The first step that goes to save the earth is being more aware of what you use and buy. Using environmentally friendly products is that first step that will take you to sustainable living.

 Ready to know more? Let’s look at 9 ways to save our environment.

9 ways to save our environment

Be environmentally friendly 

save our environment

A simple definition to this having a lifestyle that is good for environment. Opting for a carpool or walking and cycling, consuming less energy, using recycled goods, buying local produce or creating less waste are some of the examples of being environmental friendly where you are choosing to save the natural resources as much as you can.

Choose environmentally-friendly products 

save the earth

When you choose environmentally –friendly products, you are one step closer to making the planet a better place for generations to come. Most of these products are made using the natural resources without causing any depletion or harm to the environment. Even when it is discarded, it is safe enough to mix in the earth and cause no landfill or pollution. Omved focuses on using the best available natural resources for their products that does not cause any harm to the environment.

Practice the 3 R’s

The Reduce, Recycle and Reuse mantra. Reduce simply means to reduce what we consume and produce. Reuse is to use items again for a different purpose rather than discarding them and contributing to the landfill. To recycle means transforming something to a raw material that can be used again for a new item.

Opt for composting 

save the earth

Apart from segregating wet and dry waste, you can choose to compost the wet waste. Composting is a process that converts kitchen waste to nutrient rich food that can be used for the plants. By opting to compost, you are also avoiding a potential landfill that can pollute the environment. Looking at how to compost? Stop by our posts on composting to know more about it.

Conserve water

Water is one of our most prized natural resources and it needs to be consumed judiciously. Some of the quick ways to conserve water are to opt for bucket baths instead of showers. Look out for leaking faucets, close the running tap while you brush, collect rainwater to water your plants are some of the quick tips that we can think of!

Be aware of what you consume

When you start to live with an awareness of the resources you use in daily life, you’ll be able to do your bit to save the earth. Pay attention to what and how much you consume, the products you use, the resources you use on a daily basis. Awareness allows you to make environmentally friendly choices that will take you one step closer to go green and save the environment.

Opt for local produce 

 Environmental friendly products

Another easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to shop with local groups and buy locally grown products. When you buy locally grown products, you are supporting the local business people to earn a livelihood. Want to experiment more? Try to make that switch to organic farming practices and have your own kitchen garden. The best part? You’ll know what’s been used on your produce.

Plant trees 

When was the last time you planted a sapling? Planting trees help us in many ways – preventing soil erosion, cleaning the air, providing a shade, supplying us food and more! Do you know that the shade of the trees around your home will keep it cooler thus making you use less energy to cool your home? Plant small trees around your home to keep the environment cooler.

Go chemical free

go green

When you use products laden with chemicals, you are contributing to the pollution in the air and water. Chemicals that are dumped on the surface can seep into the groundwater causing health consequences. When you opt for chemical free products, you are ensuring that you are not causing any damage to the environment around you.

It all starts with a small step. Let’s understand that the first step to save the earth is to become more environmentally friendly. The next step is to make the right choices that will help you be more aware of the environment around you. Start with smaller goals that are more achievable and you’ll realize how surprisingly easy it is to do your bit and save the earth. Let’s leave it a better place for the future generations.9 ways to save our environment

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