7 tips to practice mudra asanas

7 tips to practice your mudra asanas

Mudras are a variation of yoga. Practiced using the hands, primarily the finger tips, hasta mudra can be performed while being seated in the Lotus position. Mudras can be performed anytime of the day. While certain mudras are known to heal certain ailments, in most cases, mudras contribute to overall good health.
Our physical body is made up of five elements namely – Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky. Each of the fingers also represents these elements. When one practices mudras, the positioning of the fingers is such that the energy flows through the body.
While certain mudras are known to heighten the energy flow, some mudras help to stimulate different emotions within us or even sometimes evoke spiritual reactions. Practising mudra asana regularly can help to build energy levels and improve focus and concentration. Let’s take a look at 7 tips to practice mudra asanas.

7 tips to practice mudra asanas

  1. When you touch your finger tips to the thumb tip, it helps to increase the element that resides in the finger, similarly touching the base of the thumb reduces the element.
  2. When you perform a mudra, maintain a very light contact between the finger or fingers and the thumb. It is not important to have a firm pressure between the fingers and thumb.
  3. It doesn’t matter how you position the other fingers in the mudra asana that are not required to touch each other. You can either keep it straight or bend it as comfortable to you.
  4. There is no set time to practice the mudra asanas. You can practise it any time of the day. You can doing other tasks while practising the asana, like travelling or listening to music. However, the best results happen when the asana is practised along with meditation that can help you focus on your thoughts and calm your breathing.
  5. Know the type of mudra asana you are performing and keep in mind the benefits it has. Mudras can be also performed when you are lying down, walking or standing.
    There are some mudra asanas like Aakaash-shaamak that can get immediate benefits to the body. However, most mudras need to be performed consistently to yield the results.
  6. Since some asanas may require to be performed for up to 45 minutes, it is best to split them into 3 sets each and you perform them through the course of the day. It is important to practice the mudra asanas for at least 15 days in a row to get the maximum results.
  7. Consume food according to your dosha type or as advised by an Ayurvedic practioner when you are performing mudra asanas. Eating food that is not compatible to your dosha can delay the effect of the mudra asana that you may be practising especially if it is to reduce the intensity of a disease.

Practising mudra asana regularly helps to better your immunity levels and promotes good health. It is important for you to practice these asanas regularly for better health results.

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