6 tips to improve your concentration


Concentration is taking your mind off many things and putting it on one thing at a time. – Anon

What kind of a person are you? The one who does many things at one time and also completes all of them successfully? Or the one who is swarmed with tasks with each of them awaiting a completion? Or are things around you a plain mess and you have no idea about is happening around you? Are you the type who has a problem getting things done because you are so swarmed with work?

Whatever the case may be, to be focussed requires a great deal of concentration. If you are the type who finds your attention wandering and are constantly looking at a pile of unfinished tasks, it is time you began to streamline your day and work towards setting small goals that will help you to enhance your productivity. Start with these simple steps to improve your concentration levels.

1. Don’t get distracted

One of the key things that one needs to learn while trying to concentrate is to not let anything distract you. Focus is the key word here, if required stay in a quiet place if you want to block out the noise and be able to work effectively. If you feel overwhelmed, take a five minute break, go out stretch for a while.

2. Be there whole heartedly

Another effective way of ensuring that you improve concentration is to set aside a “concentration time” at specific time frames in a day. These phases will help you in your concentration and no matter what task you are doing concentrate on it. It does not help if you are working on something important and thinking sub consciously about how to tackle the next task or when you think you are meditating but actually are making to-do lists mentally!

3. Follow the 5 more rule

Stretch! Once you are done with the task, spend a few more minutes with it. Spend 5 more minutes to read through the documents and or read 5 more pages of the book, spend that extra five minutes to understand the problem or do the extra 5 minutes of walking. Until you push or stretch yourself, you will not be aware of what your will power is. When you continue to stretch even when you are tired mentally is when you are learning to concentrate more because not only are you stretching the limits, but also building your mental endurance and the attention span.

4. Think one thing

What is the most pressing issue that you want to tackle? Make your to-do list and prioritise them according to what you want to tackle first. If you want to, go a step further and break that one task into smaller achievable goals so that you can concentrate on how to get to the main task. When you do this, your tasks look achievable and you will be able to focus and concentrate on your tasks better.

5. Practise Meditation

Did you know that practising meditation allows you to improve your levels of concentration? You need to learn some of the simple meditation techniques and practice them for at least five minutes in day to help you better your concentration powers. Practising meditation on a regular basis helps you to work specifically on concentration techniques, thus improving your attention span.

6. Choose a comfortable setting

Choose a setting that allows you to be comfortable when you are working. Have a comfortable seat and desk hat are at the right height that don’t allow you to strain too much on the hands, back on the eyes. A wrong posture can make not just make you feel uncomfortable, but also reduce your attention span as well as concentration because you are not giving your 100%.

We’ve listed simple but effective steps that can help you improve your concentration. What is your mantra to improve your concentration and perform better in everything that you do? Write to us and let us know.

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