6 Natural Tips and Remedies to Sleep Better


The number of people suffering from sleep issues is rising quite steadily since past some time. In fact, not many people are really able to understand the implications of sleeplessness on their lives, as a result tormenting their lives in many aspects. The good news however, is that not everyone suffering from sleeplessness need severe medication. There are many things that people can do at their own to take care of their lack of sleep. So, here I am with these 6 Natural Tips and Remedies to Sleep Better, making sure that your life doesn’t get disturbed by the perils of sleeplessness.

Sleep schedule

One of the best and simplest things that can contribute to improve your sleep is devising a sleep schedule and sticking to it. Fix a time for going to bed and getting up early in the morning, not dodging the schedule even on weekends. Your biological clock responds better to a fixed sleeping and waking routine, helping your body get better rest when you sleep.

Sleep diary

Knowing your problem better helps you get a better solution for it. That is why maintaining a sleep diary is one great way of fixing your sleep related problems. Keeping track of things related to your sleep is going to expose many things to you that need improvement, which might result in overcoming the issue. Note down things like your time to go to bed, the time you take to fall asleep, how many times your sleep gets disrupted during the night and what you eat before going to bed.

Stop smoking

Smoking isn’t really something good, especially for your sleep. All it does in this regard is to exacerbate sleep apnea, also worsening breathing disorders, all of which results in disturbing your sleep more than ever. In fact, studies indicate that the likelihood of smokers not feeling well rested after sleeping is 4 times greater than that of non-smokers.

Work out, but no later than 4 hours to bedtime

Working out is wonderful for your body, especially cardio, improving the quality as well as quantity of your sleep, according to many researchers. But you need to keep in mind that a 30 minute session of vigorous aerobic activity elevates your body temperature for about 4 hour hours, which can inhibit sleep. So, make sure your physically demanding activities minimise as early as 4 hours to your bedtime if you seek improved sleep.

No caffeine after 2 pm

Don’t confine this to tea or coffee only, this includes caffeine in any form. Studies tell us that caffeine is actually a stimulant that can stay in a human body for about 8 hours. So, it is a good idea to avoid caffeine after 2 pm if you want to get rid of your sleep problems naturally.

Night-time snacking

If you can’t resist those night-time snacking urges, you better resort to a combo of carbohydrates, preferably with calcium, or you can also replace it with the type of protein rich in amino and tryptophan, as studies reveals that these combos have the tendency to boost serotonin. It is a chemical released in the brain naturally, which helps a person feel calm.


You don’t need to become yet another victim of sleep problems. Learn more about sleep problems and their solutions to make sure you live a healthy jubilant and thriving life.

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