5 superfoods you should eat


Superfood is a term used to refer to a food item that is known to possess great nutritional values and tremendous health benefits in its natural state. Super foods are known to contain benefits that include – anti oxidant benefits, anti-ageing properties and cancer fighting properties. These three are the main focus of well-being in a person. Superfoods are known to be nutritional powerhouses and are packed with all the must-haves that you should have in your diet.

We’ve listed 5 awesome superfoods along with its benefits so that you know how it can help not just you but also your body! The best part – most of these are easily available and not expensive at all!

You have probably eaten them in the dried form or tarts and cheesecakes. This is a bright bluish purple fruit that carries a lot of nutritional value. These are hard to find as a fruit in India, but you would get these in the dried form. Try and include this fruit in your cereals and oats to make your breakfast a healthier option.

  • Contains:  Antioxidants, Phytoflavinoids, Potassium, Vitamin C
  • Helps: Lower your risk of heart disease & cancer
  • Buy: Berries that are brighter or darker, since they have more anti oxidants. Frozen berries are just as good since the nutrients are frozen at the peak of their freshness.
  • Eat: 1 serving (½ a cup) a day


This is one of the staple breakfasts preferred all across the world and it is packed with numerous health benefits. The good part about oats is that it is easily available and inexpensive. It can be customized according to your taste by making it sweet or salty.

  • Contains: Soluble Fiber, complex carbohydrates,
  • Helps: Lower cholesterol, control blood sugar, control hunger and regulate bowels
  • Buy: Plain oats and then customize it with fruit, nuts or dry fruits. Plain oats are better than flavoured versions that can have preservatives and added sugar and salt.
  • Eat: 1 serving (1/2 cup cooked) a day

Green Tea

Nothing refreshing as a cup of tea, right? Green tea evokes mixed responses in most people. Some absolutely love it, some detest it and some say that it is an acquired taste. Most green tea lovers have a preferred flavor and rarely deviate from it. Whatever the case may be, everyone agrees to its health benefits and supermarkets keep stocking newer varieties all the time.

  • Contains: Antioxidants like EGCG, Flavonoids, Catechins, L-theanine
  • Helps: Lower cholesterol, inhibit cancer cells, improve brain function, lower anxiety
  • Buy: Good quality brands of green tea, since lower ones may have higher fluoride levels
  • Drink: 1-2 cups a day preferably without milk and sugar.


A popular citrus fruit, this tastes yum as a fruit or as juice. The fruit of course has more benefits because of the high fiber content it possesses. This fruit is high in Vitamin C that also helps to build up the immunity levels.

  • Contains: Vitamin C and B folate, Potassium, Antioxidants, Pectin
  • Helps: Fight ageing, fight cancer, prevent age related illnesses, and suppress appetite
  • Buy: Oranges that are firm and feel heavy.
  • Eat: 2-3 a day


Spinach is a preferred green veggie that is consumed in most Indian homes. It is cooked s a vegetable, added in dals for extra tste and nutrition and is also a part of soups and juices. You can add this green leafy vegetable that is high in fiber content as well nutritional value even in your salads.

  • Contains: Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Beta carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin K, Iron
  • Helps: Enhance heart and bone health, improve health of hair and nails, lower blood pressure
  • Buy: Crisp, fresh and bright green leaves. Consume them soon as they do not last long even in the refrigerator.
  • Eat: 1 cup a day

This is a generic list of super foods.  There are specific super foods as well that aid in controlling health issues that range from diabetes or loss of weight. We would however advise you to check with your doctor or nutritionist before you include any of these items in your diet to check for allergies. For example too much fiber intake can make you feel bloated and gassy. Remember to go for the most natural and organic versions that you can find. It makes a huge difference and the small extra cost is usually worth it. Enjoy a healthy meal! 



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