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In our last post we listed some of the benefits that yoga can have for you. In this post, we would like to stress that yoga can be practised by anyone. You don’t need to be completely fit or unfit to start practising yoga. You can start practising yoga any time. Once you have done a research on the type of yoga practise that suits you and your lifestyle, you may need to incorporate modifications in your yoga practice under an expert guidance. You need to remember that yoga is also about achieving an inner strength and feeling good not just about yourself, but also your body and your life. So get ready, roll out the mat and start the practise.

Listed are some more benefits that yoga has to offer:

1. Promote inner peace: A calm mind is a peaceful mind. You don’t need to plan a visit to a peaceful or a serene spot to get your inner peace. The inner peace can be found right within you. Yoga and meditation help your calm your mind and promote a stress free life. Yoga along with meditation is one of the best ways to calm your mind. Indulge in some meditation when you want to calm and relax your mind. And the best part, you can do this anytime of the day!

2. Improve your immunity: Our system is a combination of the body, mind and spirit. Any form of irregularity in either of these can result in an imbalance in the system. Most of the yoga poses help to strengthen the muscles and when combined with meditation and the breathing techniques, it can help to release stress and build up a better immunity.

3. Helps you live with greater awareness: The human mind is always a flurry of activities, oscillating between the past, present and the future. Yoga and the practice of pranayama help to build awareness that can relax your mind and bring it to focus at the present moment so that you can focus better on activities that will help you lead a better life. Living in the present can also help you better your relationships because your mind is relaxed and happy.

4. Helps you lose weight: Yes, it does! Practising yoga regularly can help you burn the extra calories and get rid of the excess fat. What is more important is that practising yoga will make you aware and conscious of what you eat. When you address such problems at a deeper level, you can become a more conscious eater.

5. Improve the muscle tone and balance: When you practise yoga continuously, you can expect a better shaped body with leaner muscles. Yoga also helps you balance your body with the poses that you practise. Poses that require you to stand on one leg are simple but effective ways to build core strength.

The benefits of yoga are immense, if you have read all of these we mentioned, you will know that yoga can calm the mind, improve the immunity, promote physical strength, promote inner peace, help you get rid of the chronic illness and promote a better and a healthy life. So if you have been thinking to start practising yoga, the right time is now!

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