5 Ailments You Can Overcome With Mudra Asana


Would you believe if we told you that, just a few finger twists and turns can promote better health and well-being? Interested? Curious? We are talking about mudras, or popularly called hand yoga.

Simple hand gestures and finger patterns, called mudras, start electromagnetic currents within the body, which balance various constituting elements and restore health.

Our hands have an innate healing power. Hand mudras have been practiced  in the East for thousands of years by many spiritual masters who believed that it had the ability to influence physical, emotional and spiritual energies. The best of hand mudras is that it can be practised anywhere and at anytime!

Among the many ailments that can be cured by mudra yoga, here are how to heal 5! The most recommended position is to sit in the Lotus position on a comfortable yoga mat. If you want a calming atmosphere, add a few drops of the meditative aromatherapy synergy Ekagraya blend of pure essential oils in a diffuser and breathe in slowly.

 A variation of yoga, mudra yoga is practiced using the hands, primarily the finger tips. Also known as hasta mudra, this is more effective when practiced while seated in the Lotus position on a comfortable yoga mat. If you want a calming atmosphere, add a few drops of Omved’s Dhyan blended essential oil in a diffuser and breathe in slowly.

In this two part post, we’ll share with you some common health issues and how you can overcome them with solutions literally at your fingertips!

  1. Insomnia, no more!

    Counting sheep again at night or scrolling through the endless news feeds at unearthly hours? Insomnia is an inherent part of our lives sometimes. The cases can vary from fatigue, stress, health issues and more. Practising the gyaan mudra can help you to combat insomnia issues.

    Performing Gyaan Mudra:  Join the tips of the index finger and thumb and keep the other 3 fingers stretched and joined.

    Other benefits of this asana include improving the focus and concentration levels. It helps to soothe and calm the tired mind and reduces issues that include anger, stress and depression.

    1. Indigestion

    That heartburn caused by unhealthy food can be debilitating. Instead of popping some antacids for immediate relief practice the agni or the surya mudra that can give your digestive system a boost.

    Performing Agni/ Surya Mudra:  Put the tip of ring finger at the base of thumb, with thumb gently pressing on it.

    Other benefits of this asana include reducing the effects of bad cholesterol, promoting weight loss and also lessening the anxiety levels.

    1. Reduce flatulence

    If you are someone who downs the umpteen cups of chai and coffee to keep yourself focused in those endless meeting, it can play havoc with your digestive system. And yes, not eating food on time adds to the woe. Flatulence is one of the common outcomes of an erratic eating schedule.

    Performing the Vayu Mudra: Fold your index finger and when you do so, you can see two bones. These are called phalanx bones. Press the second bone with the base of your thumb and extend the rest of the three fingers.

    Benefits of the asana include a better digestive system and a marked reduction in flatulence, heartburn and chronic pains as well.

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    4. Combat the cough and cold


    Low immunity levels leads to most of us falling ill very often. That nagging cough and the cold are common health issues that can keep us down.

    Performing the Ling Mudra – Interlock the fingers of both hands together. Keeping the left thumb up (encircled by right thumb and index finger) i.e. left thumb should be vertically straight and right thumb around it

    Other benefits of the asana include easing the congestion in the body and Benefits – Produces heat in the body and helps in reducing Relieves severe cold and cough along with bronchial infections.

    1. Low on energy levels? Try this!

    Low on energy levels? Constantly fatigued, lacking sleep and wishing for more hours in a day? Yes, that is us! Packing in as much as we can in a day, most of the times keeps us on our toes with less time for self-care.

    Performing Prana Mudra: Sit in the lotus pose also known as padmasana. Bend your ring finger and little finger and touch the tip of both these fingers with the tip of your thumb.

     Other benefits of this asana include improving the immunity levels and reducing fatigue and tiredness. It also helps you to better your vision.

    Some mudras can heighten the energy flow while some can evoke emotions and reactions. When you practice mudra asana regularly, it can help to build up energy levels and improves your focus and concentration levels. Share with us some of the asanas that you perform for your better health!

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