A 30 Minute Facial; that Actually Works


The stress of juggling between deadlines, deliverable’s, social lives and domestic duties, eventually all take a toll on our skin and hair. Add to this the damages of pollution, dry air-conditioning, harsh sun rays and the woes seem pretty endless.

While nothing in the world (probably) is more relaxing and needed than a facial, not all of us can set aside long hours every month, to pamper ourselves! Unfortunately it’s just not feasible.

So here is our favourite all-safe, natural, 30 minute facial that is completely Ayurvedic! The best part of this 30 minute facial is that it has zero downtime but 100% real results!

Let’s gear up bring your skin back to life in less than 30 minutes! Let’s start, shall we? Tie hair back and get set..

Step 1. Cleanse

Wet face with warm water. Gently massage your soap free cleanser into your face and neck. Be careful not to pull or rough handle your skin. Omved natural face cleansers are ph balanced, made with botanical cleansers and ensure deep cleansing without disturbing your skin’s natural sebum balance. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry.

Step 2. Exfoliate

Gently slough off dead skin cells using a mild herbal exfoliant. Omved Ubtan is a traditional herbal mix of cherished Ayurvedic botanicals that will smooth the skin leaving it soft and tender. Mix into a paste with water, aloe vera, rose water etc. as suitable, and rub using circular motions on damp skin. Rinse off.

Step 3. Hydrate

Now that your face is clean, let’s give it some traditional pampering! We’ve talked about the importance of body massage in Ayurveda, in one of the previous posts, similarly facial massage is one of the most important elements of facial rejuvenation. Warm herbal complexion oil penetrates deep into the skin, replenishing lost moisture and helping with detoxification while the gentle massaging will boost circulation and tone. Omved Sudyuti oil is a nourishing blend of Ayurvedic botanicals formulated to relax tired skin, brighten dull complexion, even tone and reduce pigmentation. Massage your face and neck, using repetitive finger movements along each wrinkle and underlying facial muscles to smoothe lines, increase elasticity, and bring back the glow onto the skin. Let the oil soak in your skin for at least 5 minutes before you proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Steam

Add a drop of pure therapeutic essential oil to your steam water for deeper relaxation benefits. A pot of boiling water (off the stove) works too instead of a facial steamer. Lean over with your towel draped over your head and use it to trap the steam around your face. Steaming of the face follows allows for your pores to open and for your skin to become further hydrated. (The hot temperature can irritate broken veins and dry skin, please skip this step if this is your skin type). After steaming, splash your face with cool water and give it a dry.

Step 5. Nourish

The skin is now prepared for the deep cleansing and skin tightening herbal face mask. Its time to nourish your skin with some organic and natural ingredients that will add the glow! Choose a mask compatible to your skin type; masks help to tighten the pores of greasy skin or nourish dry skin. Mix 2 teaspoons of the herbal powders and mix it with either pure aloe vera gel, rose water or plain water. Spread a thin layer on face and neck, avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes.

Apply some eye contour gel for some extra TLC. Relax. After the mask has had time to dry, dab wet hands on the mask and massage gently to remove. Wash your face with cool water and pat dry.

Step 6. Tone

Apply the refreshing balancing toner for a last cleanse. Mist onto face.

Step 7. Moisturise

Don’t you just love how smooth and radiant your skin is looking now? Now that you have given it the much required pampering, set just a minute aside to apply an all natural moisturizer that will keep your skin nourished for hours together. Use upward strokes to massage the face and neck.

Wasn’t that easy? 7 steps and 30 minutes to leave you rejuvenated, with glowing skin and an elevated yet relaxed mood. Will you try this 30 minute facial this weekend?


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