10 Benefits of Using a Buckwheat Pillow


The importance of good night’s sleep cannot be stressed enough, as anyone who has endured a restless night knows all too well! While there are many good habits you can inculcate in your bedtime routine to ensure a good night’s rest, you also need to consider the things that you are using to sleep – especially your pillows.
Having a good pillow doesn’t just feel good; it plays a crucial role in supporting your head, neck and shoulders.

The right pillow is the difference between waking up bright and refreshed or with a terrible pain in the neck. Tossing and turning all night due to pillow discomfort can also lead to broken sleep, and you wake up feeling cranky and irritable.

Due to this, pillows of natural filling are fast gaining popularity, and one example that’s catching everyone’s attention is the buckwheat pillow.

So, What is a Buckwheat Pillow?

Contrary to its name, buckwheat is not a kind of wheat, but a sort of fruit. The husks of the buckwheat seeds are called its hulls and these are what go into filling a buckwheat pillow. Since the number of hulls in a pillow can be made more or less, buckwheat pillows can be customized for personal preference.

Here is a look at some benefits of using a buckwheat pillow.

1.You are assured of a good night’s sleep

The first and foremost advantage of using a buckwheat pillow – you get a good night’s sleep! Thanks to the nature of the buckwheat hulls, they tend to move around and settle themselves into a position that is directly conformed to your body. So you don’t have to toss and turn all night to find a comfortable position. What’s more, the hulls offer some level of noise muffling, so you get your peace and quiet when you need it the most.

2. You wake up pain-free

A pillow that is too firm is harsh on your neck and one that is too soft doesn’t offer sufficient support. A buckwheat pillow cradles your neck and shoulders in the right way, making sure that your spine is held in neutral alignment. By taking all the strain away from your neck, the pillow ensures that you wake up without any headache or pain in your neck and shoulders. What’s more, the correct alignment of your spine can also soothe minor issues in your knees and hips.

3. Your snoring comes down

Regular pillows may feel fine when you lie down to sleep, but eventually flatten out through the night. This may lead you to subconsciously compensate by bending your neck in odd positions. However, buckwheat hulls prevent this from happening, so your head and neck is in an optimum position to breathe freely. The best part is that whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, buckwheat pillows can make sure that your body is always correctly aligned.

4. Health Benefits of Buckwheat Pillows – Forget about Dust Allergies

Buckwheat hulls aren’t liked too much by pests, and if they have been properly cleaned and roasted, you can forget about allergies. Properly maintained buckwheat hulls are free from mold and growths and don’t collect dust like pillows with synthetic fillings. Frequent sunning can further prevent any chance of growths.

5. You wake up feeling fresh, even in summer

One of the biggest advantages of using buckwheat pillows is their breathability. Unlike other pillows, the buckwheat hull pillows allow full circulation of air in and out, so the pillows don’t feel ‘stuffy’ even when it’s hot. If it’s a really hot day, all you need to do is freeze the hulls and you get a pillow that’s nice and cool, and which will stay that way all night.

6. Your pillows always smell good

Thanks to the way the hulls move inside the pillow, you can be guaranteed that your pillows will always have enough air circulation to keep them smelling fresh. Besides, the hulls themselves have a pleasing, earthy smell that’s nice enough to relax you, but mild enough to not be offensive. Some pillows also have aromatic oils added to them that enhance your sleep experience.

7. You don’t have to flip your pillow

Regular pillows tend to lose their ‘fresh’ feeling after some hours, due to which you end up waking in the middle of the night to flip the pillow over. But since buckwheat pillows are breathable and have in-built temperature control, they don’t feel ‘stale’. Since the hulls position themselves to accommodate your body’s natural curvature, you won’t even need to wake in the night!

8. You don’t need professional cleaning

With buckwheat pillows, you have just saved yourself lots of maintenance. Buckwheat pillows are usually sold with organic cotton covers, which can be removed and tossed into your washing machine. The hulls just need to be put in the sun for some time to refresh them or to get rid of any light dampness. And even if you spill your coffee or juice on the hulls, it doesn’t matter – you just need to replace the damaged hulls alone.

9. You save money

Buckwheat pillows aren’t just affordable; they are also economical in the long run. They last for ten years or more, and you don’t have to spend lots of money on professional cleaning. The hulls can be replaced whenever you want and you can also add or remove hulls to adjust to your changing needs, without having to buy a brand new pillow.

10. You protect the environment

Buckwheat hulls are a naturally found material, and are renewable. They are completely plant based and you can toss old hulls without worrying about affecting the soil or corrupting water bodies. An Organic buckwheat pillow with a organic cotton cover can be broken down completely, so you don’t add anything more to our already-exploding landfills.

When choosing a buckwheat pillow, always go for the organic versions – for both the cover and fillings. This will ensure that you get the most out of your buckwheat pillow – many years of good sleep and happy nights. These are some of our benefits of using a buckwheat pillow. What are yours?



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