BHAKTI Worship Audio CD

divine stotra, shloka & bhajan
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A compilation of the most powerful divine stotras and shlokas deeply rooted in ancient Vedic tradition, rhythmically chanted with flawlessly correct pronunciation and prescribed rhythm that will fill you with unmeasurable power and peace. The Bhakti - Worship CD has been specially compiled by Art of Living for Omved. 

This well-loved playlist included a collection of sublimely beautiful shlokas (meditative hymns) and bhajans (devotional Songs) such as Sri Lakshmi Ashtakam and Ganesh Sharnam. The devotional sings will take you on a restful journey within your soul.

The mantra intention for this CD is "Asatoma sadgamaya", which means from untruth lead me towards the truth.


1) Ganesh Stotram Singer: Bhanumathi

2) Ganesha Sharnam Singer: Bhanumathi

3) Vakratunda shloka Singer: Sahil Jagtiani

4) Ganesha Pancharatna Stotram Singer: Bhanumathi

5) Guru Stotram Singer: Bhanumathi

6) Guru Shloka Singer: Sahil Jagtiani

7) Guru Paduka Stotram Singer: Bhanumathi

8) Sri Lakshmi Ashtakam Singer: Bhanumathi

9) Soorya Stotra Singer: Vikram Hazra

10) Shri Rudrashtakam Singer: Bhanumathi

11) Shiva Shadakshara Stotram Singer: Bhanumathi

12) Krishna Stuti Singer: Dr Mani

13) Shankara Singer: Swami sukhchaitanya

The Art of Living Foundation is a volunteer-based, humanitarian and educational non-governmental organization, founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with the vision of creating a stress-free and a violence-free society.




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