BANANA Fibre Yoga Mat

handcrafted; with eco rubber back
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Enjoy yoga asanas naturally! A yoga mat is the yogi practitioners favourite companion and what better way than to opt for a natural and an organic yoga mat in comparison to the synthetic rubber, pvc and chemical laden ones.

Omved's yoga mats are eco-friendly, hand-woven, 100% natural (0% synthetics), hand-loomed with banana fiber (using the stem waste) and are laminated with natural rubber for anti-skid property.

Get ready to blend eco awareness and consciousness into your asana practice! Some of the special features of the mat include:

  • soft as cotton and more durable than cotton.
  • hypo-allergenic
  • provides thermal comfort both in cold and warm atmospheres.
  • decomposes easily & completely when discarded, in three to six months
  • made from fibres extracted from the waste stems
  • fair-trade & village initiative; hand crafted by laborers in villages with a roller device
  • reduces carbon emission by avoiding decay; the waste stems after extraction are then converted to natural manure.

You can use it for all yoga asanas, your meditation rituals or even use it as a decoration mat for your home.

Note: Since the mats are handmade, the colour of the yoga mat vary from the one shown in the picture.

100% natural. No synthetic agents. Hand loomed with banana fiber and laminated with natural rubber.

Hand–wash with mild detergent. Air dry or sun dry the yoga mat.

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