Baby Swaddle - Luxurious Soft Blanket

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This cool and comforting Baby Swaddle/Wrap is best for your little one. It is made using certified organic cotton and natural bamboo, with a Vedic mantra and blessing. Size – 110cmsX110cms
- Ultra-soft made using Natural Bamboo and Certified Organic Cotton
- Anti-odour, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
- Temperature-regulating - stays cooler in summer and warm in winter
- Absorbs 3-4 times more water than cotton
- Hypoallergenic and ultra-soft
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  • 100% NATURAL FABRIC - It is made from special natural bamboo and certified organic cotton Cool, comforting and luxuriously soft, this organic bamboo swaddle keeps your little one snug and comforted.

  • HYPOALLERGENIC AND ULTRA-SOFT - The swaddle keeps your baby comfortable and is unlikely to cause allergies as it is hypoallergenic and super-soft.

  • IDEAL CHOICE - Since it has anti-odour, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties the swaddle is ideal for your new born baby's tender, sensitive & eczema-prone skin.

  • IDEAL COMFORT FOR ALL SEASONS - With the swaddles's natural moisture absorbing properties (it absorbs water 3 - 4 times better than cotton) and temperature-regulation, you will always find it a few degrees cooler in summer and warmer in winters

Your little one deserves the best. Comfort your new born baby in the soothing arms of nature. This luxuriously soft, organic bamboo swaddle keeps your little one snug and cosy. As it is made from special natural bamboo and certified organic cotton this Vedic Mantra-blessed swaddle is the perfect choice for your baby as it is also hypoallergenic and ultra-soft.

This swaddle has anti-odour, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to protect your baby’s tender, sensitive & eczema-prone skin. Since it has natural moisture absorbing properties (it absorbs water 3 - 4 times better than cotton) and is temperature-regulating, you will always find it a few degrees cooler in summer and warmer in winters.

For invoking protection from the Almighty, an ancient vedic mantra blessing printed on this woombie or swaddle is recited every night to the baby by the elders in the family. It reads "Dear child, by the grace of the supreme soul, He who is the protector of knowledge, the beautiful and virtuous, may you be able to master your senses and life’s desires and gain the supreme wisdom to discriminate between truth and untruth."




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