OMVED incense is individually handrolled true to ancient Indian traditions, blending a multitude of the finest herbs, gums, essential oils, charcoal, Mysore sandalwood and other pure and natural ingredient.Due to the complex aromatics the therapeutic effects are magnified and prolonged and the result is a far superior incense which burns very slowly and the after-aroma can remain for days. Inhale the abundance of nature, breathe in fresh and fragrant, conscious bliss.

Krishna Incense Cone

For love, divine joy and destr
₹ 0.00

GANESH DEITY Incense Sticks

divine aroma for bliss
1 Review
₹ 200.00

KRISHNA DEITY Incense Sticks

divine aroma for joy
1 Review
₹ 200.00

LAXMI DEITY Incense Sticks

divine aroma for abundance
₹ 200.00

MASHAKA Mosquito Coil

herbal repellent incense
4 Reviews
₹ 300.00

SHIVA DEITY Incense Sticks

divine aroma for devotion
₹ 200.00

ARADHAN Devotional Incense

loose incense for divinity
1 Review
₹ 300.00


for sacral chakra
₹ 150.00

Terra Temple Cone Burner

stoneware for inverted burning
₹ 420.00

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Omved Accepts
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