Ayurveda Treatment

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Sudyuti Skin Glowing Ayurvedic Oil

₹ 890.00
Enriched with Triphala & Saffron - For Pigmentation & Dull Skin – Skin Lightening Oil – Improve Skin Tone & Reduce Age Spots

Sukhata Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil

₹ 890.00
For Muscle & Joint Pain - Relieves Aches & Cramps – Benefits in Arthritis & Ligament Injuries - Rejuvenates, Restores, Nourishes & Heals Damaged Tissues – 100ml

Healing & beauty secrets of Ayurvedic Massage Oils

Glowing skin, joint pain relief or rejuvenation of your feet, Ayurveda has the answers to all your health issues and general well-being.

OMVED brings you nourishing and healing blends of classical oils that have been long used in Ayurveda to relax tired face skin, reduce pigmentation and treat various skin disorders such as eczema and allergic itching. The Sudyuti Ayurvedic Skin Oil is one such oil that’s abundantly infused with potent skin enhancing herbs to reveal your natural complexion.

The Sukhata Thailam is the ultimate panacea for muscle and joint pain. As prescribed in the Rasayana, the eighth branch of Ayurveda, it rejuvenates, restores circulation, improves flexibility and eases sports injuries and strain.

Get a good night’s sleep alongside a beauty treatment for your feet with the Daily Night Foot Oil. This aromatic oil contains a triple blend of herbs that will leave your feet feeling soft, rested and relaxed beside detoxifying.

Ayurveda Treatment