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Pain Relief Waist/Stomach Wrap

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A 100% natural, Ayurvedic hot and cold compress therapy that offers instant relief, ease and comfort. As a multi-purpose compress it improves blood circulation and offers relief during stomach pain/ back pain/ menstrual cramps/ sciatica/ vertebral pain of the waist, pelvic and lower back/ rheumatic pain/neural pain.
- Benefits of Hot and Cold Compress Therapy
- Safer than Hot Water Bags
- 100% Natural Contents – Contains premium 100% grains in a Cotton Cover
- Ergonomically designed to be comfortably wrapped around the stomach and waist region

The 100% Natural Relief for Lower Back Pain is here!

Lower back pain, as common as it is today, is often the result of an everyday activity done incorrectly such as reaching for or lifting heavy objects improperly, bad posture at your work desk, maybe chasing after kids and more. Besides such common causes in adults, some other causes of back pain in females might be due to menstrual cramps as well. For an exhaustive list of scientifically researched back pain causes, issues and solutions click here.

Best treatment for lower back pain – 100% natural pain relief

With back pain so prevalent in our ‘not so active’ lifestyles and its recurrence so common among the elderly and youth alike, there are a host of lower back pain relief products and remedies available in the market today. You will find back pain relief medications such as OTC painkillers and injections for the severe kind, to music, yoga and reflexology, and even upcoming AI-based robotic masseurs in the future that mimic the human palm and thumb. Whew, so many options can be confusing!

So is there a solution that’s 100% natural, effective and without side-effects? Let’s find out.

Pain Relief – Waist / Stomach Wrap

Presenting the Omved Pain Relief Waist Stomach Wrap - a 100% natural remedy based on the principles of Ayurvedic healing which offers fast relief and is cost-effective too. You can now get instant relief, ease and comfort with this 100% natural, reusable waist and stomach pain relief wrap. This hot and cold compress revives the Ayurvedic tradition of moist herbal healing. As a multi-purpose compress you can use it for pain relief from stomach pain, menstrual cramps, sciatica, vertebral pain of the waist, pelvic and lower back, rheumatic pain and neural pain.

Natural Ingredients

This back pain compress is filled with a proprietary combination of aromatic healing herbs, carefully selected therapeutic grade essential oils and oil-rich premium quality grains. This microwavable therapy compress is a safe, affordable, convenient and reusable solution to the discomfort of pain.

Sewn with double-stitched, sectioned pockets for even distribution of weight and warmth, and with adjustable Velcro straps this herbal compress is perfectly contoured for a comfort fit.

How does this stomach waist wrap work?

One might ask, do stomach wraps really work? Here’s how it does. Warming the Pain Relief back pain wrap, triggers a natural healing action, caused by the pure herbs and oil-rich botanicals within. This warm heat creates an unparalleled moist herbal healing therapy which soothes tensed muscles, offers relief from stomach and back pain, stimulates circulation and relaxes the body and mind. Alternatively upon freezing, this compress can be used as a cold compress to reduce inflammation, offer relief from stomach cramps, treat muscular pulls and soothe them.

Multi-purpose Pain Relief Wrap:

This Waist Stomach Wrap goes beyond offering soothing relief for just sore and stiff backs and pulled muscles. As an effective herbal therapy, it may assist in relieving -

  • Rheumatic or neural pain
  • Sciatica
  • The vertebral pain of the waist
  • Inflammation and bruising
  • Stomach pain and bloating
  • Menstrual cramps and nausea
  • Colic, gas or diarrhea
  • Irritable and hyperactive bowels

Click here to read more about our various compresses that assist in managing pain better.

Features and Benefits:

100% Natural Contents – This Pain Relief Stomach Waist Wrap is best among ‘all natural stomach wraps’ since it contains premium 100% grain filler in an premium cotton cover inspired by the ancient Vedic tradition of moist warm/cold healing.

Hot and Cold Compress - It can be used as a warm back compress to reduce intensity of a pain or as a cold compress to soothe muscles.

Ergonomically Designed - It is ergonomically designed to be comfortably wrapped around the stomach and waist region. It is therapeutically and evenly weighted, better than some of the best stomach wraps available in the market.

Safer than Hot Water Bags – Conventional back pain relief products such as hot water bags can make the heat unbearable at times. But this stomach waist compress retains both heat and cold and is made of a soft cotton material making each use comfortable on the skin. It makes the heat comfortable on the skin and is definitely safer than hot water bags which if not used properly can cause scalding as well.

Instructions to use: 

It is recommended to carefully follow the instructions as below –

As a Hot Compress:

For first time use - Warm the compress in a microwave for 90-120 seconds.

Consequent Use – Keep hydrated by placing a glass of water alongside the compress when warming. Alternatively, sprinkle with water before heating. Warm for 60-90 seconds and wrap around waist or stomach, as required.

As a Cold Compress:

Cool the compress in a sealable bag in the freezer for 30 minutes. Remove and apply.

Note: If increased heat is required, it is advisable to heat further at one-minute intervals. Never heat the wrap beyond 90-120 seconds at a time. Leave bag to cool down before reheating. Do not use gas cooker or grill. Make sure the compress can rotate freely in the microwave. Do not overheat.


  • Do not place directly on to the sensitive or damaged skin.
  • Always consult your doctor or an orthopedic if you're in doubt.
  • Do not warm the compress unattended.
  • Discard product if torn.


  • Overheating of compress in the microwave can also cause burns to the skin upon contact.
  • The organic filling dries out with age and becomes more combustible so check your compress for signs of age and scorching regularly.
  • Check periodically for open or loose stitches to ensure grains remain contained.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can I adjust the pain relief stomach wrap as per my comfort?

The adjustable Velcro bands in the compress allow for a more customized fit. This wrap for stomach pain and menstrual cramps has been designed to fit all body shapes and sizes; to fit comfortably across the lower back and stomach area.

Is the compress safe to use every day?

Yes, this stomach compression wrap is safe to use every day.

Can I use it as a cold compress?

Yes, of course. Cold herbal therapy is extremely effective in relieving sprains, bruises, inflammations, and muscle injuries.

Can I use an ointment like a pain balm to apply on the affected area before using the compress?

Yes, you can massage the area with an ointment before using the compress. We suggest you use a thin cloth on body to avoid soiling the compress. Omved's pain relief balms and oils are ideal to use before applying compression.

How long will this waist wrap last?

For a complete shelf life of 2 years, we recommend using this Pain Relief wrap as per the instructions mentioned in the leaflet.

Thanks for reading about our Ayurvedic Pain Relief Waist Stomach Wrap. Keep reading on to know more about how to manage lower back pain better and some easy tips, therapies and remedies that can be tried at home too.

Various forms of back pain have attracted attention of health and sports professionals, and researchers as it can relate with the lumbar region or the muscles and ligaments around the spine. But there’s no reason to worry as prevention is easy and often requires just a little bit of tweaking your lifestyle.

The most common causes of back pain

On the very first signs of lower back pain, most of us go witch hunting. Bad posture, obesity, lack of physical activity, smoking, bad shoes, it could be anything. But to really diagnose the true cause one might have to seek professional help. To read on more about the causes of acute back pain, click here and when to see a doctor you may click here.

How to prevent back pain and treat it better?

There are several conventional remedies that may work in case of lower back pain. You will find it amongst reducing your overall body weight, practicing yoga and meditation, applying pain balms to changing your sleeping position.

Did you know?
1. Back Pain is the 4th major cause of ‘Years Lived with Disability’.
2. Back Pain is common among adults aged between 35 and 55 years. 1 in 10 people (9.4%) worldwide suffers from low back pain.
3.Women are more susceptible to a backache than men.

Here are some back pain relief home remedies

Here’s a list of remedies that can easily be done at home, office or elsewhere as per your convenience

Regular Exercise – There’s no remedy like exercise to cure a back pain. Depending upon your type of back pain, ask your doctor or physiotherapist to recommend some good exercises that can heal and strengthen your back.

Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil – If you’re looking for a lasting solution, few products can be as effective as an Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil. Opting for a massage oil such as Sukhata can play an important role in relief from joints and muscle pains.

Eating right – Diet plays an important role in keeping niggles away. This way you can not only maintain a healthy body weight and keep the fat at bay but also help your body stay stress-free due to obesity. Spicy and oily junk food can put additional stress on your nervous system whereas fresh fruits and vegetables can keep your digestive system smiling all day.

Good posture – Importance of a good posture at your work desk cannot be stressed enough. For the workaholic, this can mean a lot especially they spend anything between 12 and 14 hours in front of the computer. Taking time out for basic stretching exercises, maintaining an erect sitting posture with parallel eye-level contact with the screen or then maybe performing some yogasanas or ‘deskasanas’ as you may call it. If you aren’t aware of any yoga gurus nearby, a simple Google lookup such as ‘yoga classes near me’ in can throw up some interesting options.

Sleeping right – Depending upon the kind of back pain one’s got, some back pain relief sleeping positions do offer some respite. Sometimes a good supporting mattress can help as much as sleeping sideways with a back pain relief pillow or a normal pillow between your knees. Sometimes it is also recommended to sleeping straight on a hard surface without a pillow.

Stop smoking – Though fully not proved it is thought that smoking can also majorly contribute towards persistent back pain. Since smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict it leads to a decreased blood flow to the back as well and thus results in less oxygen and nutrients reaching the area of the spine.

Stress-busting – Back pain can also be caused due to stress which has overtaken every aspect of our lives, be it professional or personal. Today keeping stress away is not always possible nor as easy as managing stress. Activities such as deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, meditation, mindfulness and more can help you manage it better. Always remember that stress is not the problem but the way you handle it.

Meditation – Practicing meditation or mindfulness under the guidance of an experienced teacher can offer great relief over time. Since meditation helps in the secretion of pain-relieving hormones it can help manage pain better.

Acupressure – Acupressure is one of the ancient sciences known to man that balances the energies of mind, body and spirit. It involves the applying of pressure based on knowledge of specific points that stimulate various organs and parts of the body.

Come what may, many of us are apprehensive, and rightly so, about treating lower back pain without surgery. While sometimes surgery can cure a condition effectively, it can also invite so many complications. To read on more about how to cure a back pain without surgery click here.

But as they say, Prevention is better than cure so it’s better to opt for an Ayurvedic solution that’s 100% natural.

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