Ayurveda Remedy

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    Breath Easy Eye Pillow

    ₹ 1,190.00
    Sinus Relief Ayurvedic Eye Compress – 7-in-1 Benefits - Therapeutic Eye Mask for Sinus, Headache, Migraine, Cold & Cough – With Essential Oils - 100% Natural & Organic

    Soothing Grains Waist Compress

    ₹ 1,290.00
    Relief from Back Ache & Multiple Pains - 100% Natural Grain Filler - Improves Blood Circulation – Safer than Hot Water Bags

    Soothing Grain Knee Compress

    ₹ 1,190.00
    Relief from Chronic Pain & Swelling in Hamstrings, Thighs, Calves - 100% Natural Grains Fillers – Hot & Cold Therapy - Safer than Hot Water Bags

    Soothing Grains Neck Compress

    ₹ 1,290.00
    Relaxes Neck & Shoulders - Relief from Pain & Swelling - 100% Natural Grain Filler - Organic Cotton Cover - Safer than Hot Water Bags

    Try an Ayurvedic Cold Compress or Warm Compress for Pain Relief

    Add an OMVED Ayurvedic Compress to your health kit and stay away from pains and aches. Now it’s easier to heal and soothe those niggles and muscle stiffness with ancient Vedic tradition of moist, warm and cold healing. Choose from our exhaustive range of Ayurvedic Compresses ideal for various health concerns such as sinus issues, knee pain, back aches or neck and shoulder pain.

    Available for the first time in India, these unique and innovative products are ergonomically designed and filled with 100% premium grains, herbal oils and extracts. Accordingly, these compresses can be used as, a cold compress as well as a warm compress or hot and cold therapy.

    You can also combine it with our range of aromatherapy spray mists to ensure quicker healing. To de-stress or for pain relief, you may pick one from our online store as per your requirements.

    Ayurveda Remedy