ORGANIC Baby Jholi

Organic baby jholi
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Omved’s baby jholi is made with 100% organic cotton material that is herbal dyed. Its beauty, durability and drape makes it the perfect choice for a baby carrier. With use, it becomes softer and stronger.

 Our proprietary herbal dyeing process not only uses certified organic cotton and absolutely no chemical or synthetic dyes but goes one step further by infusing the fabric with medicinal herbs rich in minerals and vitamins based on valuable time-tested formulations.

 This age old technique dates back to the Vedic times and makes use of the trans-dermal process of fiber to skin contact to ensure healing and better health.

Some of the benefits of using the baby jholi are: 

- It uses organic cloth - 100% Ayurvedic Herbal dyed.

- Safe for the back since the fabric spreads across your back, the weight is evenly distributed enabling you to carry the baby for long period of time.

- Five possible carrying positions allowing front, side and back carrying makes it versatile. 

- Lightweight and compact, making it very easy for travelling. 

- Adaptable to the changing needs of you and your baby. It gently cocoons a tiny 2.5kg (5lbs) newborn and is strong enough to carry a toddler!

- Eco friendly because it is made without any chemical or toxic substances glues or dyes.

One 100% Ayurvedic Herbal dyed, organic cotton material sling cloth that is the ideal choice for a baby carrier or a baby sling, treasured for its beauty, durability and drape. 

- Hand wash separately in cold water (30 C).

- Use mild detergent.

- Do not bleach/scrub.

- Dry in shade.

- Iron warm or reverse.

- Do not dry clean.

Pull the sling tail through the sling rings. Make sure to distribute the tail material evenly across the ring, as it may otherwise be difficult to adjust. Wear the sling diagonally over your carrying shoulder. Adjust the sling to feel comfortable on your shoulder, by spreading out the material to cover your shoulder and across the back. This helps to distribute the weight evenly and creates an even pressure without straining the neck or back.

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