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Nightqueen Ayurvedic Incense Sticks


  • Soothes tired nerves –Â The deeply intoxicating aroma of Nightqueen, induces deep restful sleep and soothes tired nerves
  • 100% Natural & Non-Toxi –Â These agarbattis are made using the purest, natural & non-toxic ingredients
  • No Chemicals –Â No petrochemicals, dyes, alcohol, pesticides or cheap fillers
  • Hand Rolled –Â Each agarbatti is carefully hand-rolled using slender sticks of natural white bamboo
  • Premium Quality –Â Uncompromisingly made, these incense sticks contain only premium quality resins, herbs, aromatic roots and essential oils
  • IFRA Standards –Â Every incense stick is made in accordance with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards.
  • Authentic making process – These sticks are crafted using traditional, authentic ‘Dry Masala Bhatti’ method and not like dipped-stick incense that is soaked in perfume and solvents

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Few know that it takes over 8 million of delicate jasmine blossoms, Nightqueen, to produce 1 kg of absolute essential oil. A small portion of this essential oil also finds its way into our incense sticks as well. Omved incense sticks are carefully crafted using Ayurvedic secrets dating back 5000 years. The therapeutic appeal of Cestrum Nocturnum, or Nightqueen, incense, and its deeply intoxicating aroma never fails to soothe tired nerves and induce restful sleep. Its mesmerizing fragrance is also known to balance the three doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


Omved incense sticks, made using natural white bamboo, are carefully hand rolled into a masala, or mix of various spices, containing Nightqueen (Cestrum Nocturnum) in a proprietary base of Jeegat (natural bark) and other aromatic herbs, premium quality resins and essential oils.

Our Ayurvedic agarbattis are 100% natural and DO NOT contain any petrochemicals, dyes, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, pesticides, glue, toxic fillers or burners, charcoal or dung. We do not apply the dipping technique wherein incense sticks are soaked in perfume and solvents. They are crafted using traditional, authentic ‘Dry Masala Bhatti’ method.

Omved incense sticks are thus Non-toxic, making them most suitable for indoor use, safe for children, elderly and pets.

Instructions for use:

Hold a lit match or lighter flame to the incense-coated end of a stick for ten seconds or more, till it lights.

When the tip glows, blow out the flame and let it begin to smolder with a light colored smoke.

Place it in an incense holder to catch the ash.

After it burns completely, you can use the ash as compost for plants.

Burning time: Approx. 45 mins./stick

Caution: For external use only. Never leave burning incense unattended.

Net Qty.: 30 No. incense sticks

Net Wt.: 30gm.

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