Remedy Rollers

Harnessing the inherent living energies of plants, each OMVED remedy roller formula is a synergestic balance of pure therapeutic grade essential oils selected for their recognized benefits in addressing various health concerns. With our scientifically blended formulas in convenient roll-on packaging, natural, essential oil-infused benefits can be yours anytime, anywhere. Remedy rollers are naturally healing solutions that work through inhalation and absorption. So roll on and inhale.

KUSHALA Remedy Roller

aroma roll-on for joint pain
₹ 390.00

SHANTAM Peace Remedy Roller

aroma roll-on to reduce stress
₹ 390.00

SUSHWASA Breathe Remedy Roller

aroma roll-on for congestion
1 Review
₹ 390.00

SUSVAPNA Dreams Remedy Roller

aroma roll-on for better sleep
2 Reviews
₹ 390.00

APAAKA After Meal Remedy Rolle

aroma roll-on for indigestion
₹ 390.00

SHAMYATI Bug Bite Roller

aroma roll-on for bug bites
₹ 390.00

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