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Purify Essential Oil Blend

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100% Therapeutic Grade Pure, Undiluted, Non-Fillers Natural, Non-Additives, Non-Synthetics GMO-Free

Discover inner wisdom and peace as this synergistic blend of Frankincense, Holy basil, Vetiver, and Palmarosa, sanctifies the air of bad energy and bugs while taking you into a meditative state of calm. The mesmerizing earthy, slightly floral aroma helps you to 'settle' yourself inside, making it ideal during times of high stress, anger or sadness.

Aroma: sweet, earthy, floral Attributes: grounding, calming, meditative

Ingredients: Pure Frankincense, Holy basil, Vetiver, and Palmarosa essential oils

DIFFUSION: Add 2-3 drops to your favorite Omved aromatherapy diffuser to purify air and emotions

EMOTIONAL THERAPY: Add to water and use as an air freshener, on your meditation mat or pillow for spiritual grounding

MIND THERAPY: *Apply on pulse points or on the body as a relaxing massage oil.

PHYSICAL THERAPY: *Create a variety of nourishing beauty treatments for skin, hair, bath, and body (*Mix 2 drops with ½ tsp of your favorite Omved organic pure plant oil)

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