Aroma Diya Oils - Jasmine & Sandalwood

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Pack of 2 Natural Aromatic Diya Oils - Jasmine & Sandalwood
100% Natural & Chemical Free - No Artificial Fragrances
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  • CHEMICAL FREE - These Aromatic Diya Oils contain essential oils which is 100% natural & chemical-free.

  • IDEAL GIFTING - These bottles of Aromatic Diya Oil makes for an interesting gift option to friends, relatives and family members.

  • AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS – Infused with natural fragrances due to its essential oils helps you indulge in Aromatherapy at home or office itself.

Be prepared for every festive occasion with Omved’s Aroma Diya Oils with the 100% natural fragrance of pure essential oils.

Invite, peace, happiness and joy with every celebration and let the aromas fill your home and living spaces with bliss.

Use this in the puja room to welcome positive energies or simply use them around the house to enjoy aromatherapy.

These beautiful Diyas also make for an ideal gift for any occasion.

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