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A compilation of incredibly uplifting songs to make your heart sing and your soul smile. Relax and let the divine music and inspirational lyrics fill you with positivity and hope. The Anirveda - Happiness Audio CD has been specially compiled by Art of Living for Omved. The collection of cheerful blissful music by Vikarm Hazra, new age bhajans (devotional) by John Osborne to name a few are a part of the playlist in the CD.

These songs are joyous,nurturing & pure, and will transform you to be naturally happy and blissful, especially if listened to with the eyes closed. The mantra intention for this CD is "Sarve bhavantu sukhinah" which means may all be happy.

Song List:

1) Govind Kirshna Singer: Ajay Tejasvi

2) Om Namah Shivaya Singer: Vikarm Hazra

3) Hey Nand Nand Singer: Vikarm Hazra

4) Om Namo Narayana Singer: Sahil Jagtiani

5) Satyam Shivam Sundaram Singer: Nathalie

6) Shri Krishna Krishna Singer: Sachin Limaye

7) Hey ananda Singer: John Osborne

8) Bhole Ki Jai Jai Singer: Vikarm Hazra

9) Durge Nandini Singer: Seema

10) Jai Guru Deva Singer: Seema

11) Shambho Singer: Sahil Jagtiani

12) Jaya Jaya Krishna Singer: Sahil Jagtiani

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