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Organic Charcoal - Extra Large Non-Toxic Tablets

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100% Natural, Organic Charcoal extra-large tablets, specially designed with bowl-like cavity to burn dhoop, incense, bukhoor, bakhoor, dhakoon, resins and herbs. These multipurpose tablets or charcoal briquettes are completely non-toxic and chemical-free.
- Made using plant sources - coconut husks, bamboo, roots etc
- Extra-large tablets with convenient design
- Quick-lighting tablets, burn easily
- Safe and completely Non-toxic

Introducing Non-toxic Charcoal Tablets – now make the most out of Aromatherapy!

In homes across the world, especially in Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Middle East and elsewhere, using charcoal to burn Dhoop (Bukhoor, Bakhoor or Bakhoom in Arabic) is a tradition that is known to usher in benefits such as inviting positivity, cleansing the environment of unhealthy micro-organisms, balancing the elements and creating harmony.

But for such purposes, what good is charcoal that is toxic in nature?

Introducing Non-toxic, Organic Charcoal Tablets

Did you know that ordinary charcoal tablets contain toxic additives such as saltpetre and sulphur, which eventually creates more negativity around us rather than remove it? Presenting OMVED Organic Charcoal tablets, 100% natural charcoal briquettes with cavity, that are made using organic plant sources such as coconut husks and bamboo.

You are what you breathe & eat!

Most charcoal tablets available in the market, especially the self-lighting, combustible variety, contain toxic additives. Also when such toxic charcoal tablets, also known as charcoal briquettes, are used for burning aromatic incense powder one cannot fully derive maximum benefits of aromatherapy.

Since aromatherapy involves influencing the subconscious mind for various purposes such as healing, meditation, yoga, concentration and much more, it is vital that the charcoal used therein should be non-toxic. In a nutshell, the charcoal you use for burning Dhoop would dictate how beneficial your aromatherapy would be.

Features & Benefits:

  • NATURAL – made from plant sources
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN - extra-large sized, rounded with cavity
  • QUICK-LIGHTING – ignite easily with a small flame
  • LONG BURNTIME& CLEAN BURNING- with negligible odour
  • LONG-LIFE – wrapped to protect from moisture
  • SAFE –burns clean with negligible odour, non-toxic and chemical-free

OMVED Organic Charcoal Tablets – A unique offering!
Made using organic sources
These extra-large, organic charcoal tablets are completely non-toxic since they are made from organic sources such as coconut husks, bamboo, natural woods and roots. They are 100% chemical-free and devoid of any toxic additives.

Extra-large, Unique & Convenient design
OMVED Charcoal Tablets are extra-large sized and specially created with a deep cavity that effectively holds and disperses the incense powder or dhoop around. Moreover, these quick-lighting and easy-to-use charcoal rounds are the best and most convenient way to burn incense/dhoops, resins and herbs at home or just about anywhere.

Safe & Non-toxic
These charcoal tablets are safe for your health unlike the self-lighting, barbecue-purpose, hookah charcoals that are laden with toxic chemicals like saltpetre, sulfur and additives. These charcoal briquettes lightfast and also burn 3 times longer than the self-lighting variety. Being larger in size than conventional tablets, they hold, burn and disperse incense in a bowl-like cavity, making burning aromatic resins, effective effortless and non-messy. Thus OMVED Organic Charcoal tablets are the ideal accessory for your rituals and ceremonies.

These multi-purpose charcoal tablets can be useful for your pujas, daily rituals also before and during your meditation and yoga practices to cleanse the environment and surroundings. You can use it with OMVED range of Dhoops – which are made using the Panchamahabhoot (the five supreme elements) principle - that are perfect to increase mental clarity, invite the auspicious, aid in meditation, celebrate the festivities, repel insects and bugs, and do more. To read more about how to effectively purify your environment using dhoop, click here.


OMVED Organic Charcoal

Ordinary Charcoal


Plant Sources such as Coconut Husks, Bamboo, woods, roots, powdered wood of Indian Laurel

Mineral Carbon, Biomass, binding agents such as cow dung, charcoal powder Saltpetre, sulphur etc


Extra Large Tablets



Special Design with Deep Cavity to hold incense

Regular Design

Burn Time

3 Times Longer than usual

Short Burn Time



Toxic & Unhealthy

100% Natural Ingredients:
100% organic; contains natural powder from woods and roots and powdered wood of the Indian laurel (Litsea glutinosa) tree. No toxic chemical additives.

How to use:

  1. Unwrap a charcoal tablet and hold using Omved charcoal holder.
  2. Hold over any flame (candle, stove flame etc.) to light its edge.
  3. Wait till charcoal is red-hot, should be a light grey all over.
  4. Set tablet in an Omved incense burner (fireproof).
  5. Sprinkle incense on top of charcoal (if smoke and aroma are desired) or right next to it (for slower aroma release, less smoke).
  6. Precaution: Always place tablet on a heat-safe surface. Do not leave a burning charcoal tablet unattended.
  7. Precaution: Always place tablet on a heat-safe surface. Do not leave a burning charcoal tablet unattended.

Precaution: Always place tablet on a heat-safe surface. Do not leave a burning charcoal tablet unattended.

At OMVED we have always believed in deriving maximum benefit through the power of aromatherapy. And that's reason why you will find an amazing range of aromatherapy products ranging from Incense Sticks or Agarbattis, Dhoops and accessories, Essential Oils, Reed Diffuser Sets and more. Do check out our entire range of products here.

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