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Protect Najarbutti Ayurvedic Dhoop Incense Powder

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Protect, energize and heal your spirit with these 100% natural and non-toxic, aromatic Dhoops. Invite auspicious energies with the unique blend of Frankincense, Cinnamon, Gum Damar, Benzoin and Jatamansi.

  • - Heal and protect your near and dear ones
  • - 100% Natural, non-toxic
  • - Ideal for daily use and for rituals & ceremonies
  • - Handmade as per Ayurvedic Pancha-mahabhoota principle
  • - Purest Herbs & Essential Oils

How can you prevent infections while protecting your dear ones?

Since the Vedic ages, burning Dhoop or aromatic incense powder has been a custom followed to protect, heal, cleanse the surroundings and invite auspicious energies. Dhoop is also used to protect oneself from lingering negative energies, prevent infections and sanitize the atmosphere.

Following this practice regularly, makes it easier to ward off undesirable energies and replace them with positive vibes.

What is Dhoop, Bakhoor, Bakhoom or Dakhoon?

Dhoop is also commonly known as Bakhoor, Bakhoom or Dakhoon, which is in fact aromatic incense powder. It is extruded incense without any bamboo stick at its core. Authentically speaking, Dhoop is a powerful blend of 100% natural botanicals, resins and herbs and essential oils such as Frankincense, Sambrani, Cinnamon, Loban and more.

Burning Dhoop is an essential part of aromatherapy to purify our living spaces, influence our subconscious, make our environs fragrant and odour-free, and truly transform our surroundings.

Since ancient times, special kinds of Dhoops were burnt as part of daily rituals to invite prosperity, and also to celebrate during festivities aid in meditation, repel bugs and mosquitoes, and even protect from negativity. Similarly, any cleansing process or shuddhi, was done to keep our homes free from bacteria and microorganisms.

Why OMVED Protect – Najarbutti?

  • To protect, energize and heal your spirit
  • Unique blend of Frankincense, Cinnamon, Gum Damar, Benzoin and Jatamansi
  • Purest of ingredients including herbs and resins
  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils

This unique blend of Dhoop or incense powder has been specially created to protect and heal your spirit, purify your surroundings and invoke positive energies with a rare blend of botanicals, which sanitize the atmosphere, attract positive vibes, remove obstacles and purify the surroundings.

The Protect dhoop incense is created by blending the purest of herbs and resins of Frankincense, Gum Damar, Benzoin and Jatamansi in a proprietary fusion of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100% Natural and Non-toxic
  • Purest Herbs & Essential Oils
  • Handmade in the Ayurvedic Tradition
  • Using Pancha-mahabhoota Principles of Ayurveda
  • Potent blend of ayurvedic herbs & resins
  • Ideal for daily use, festivities, rituals & ceremonies
  • Increases Universal Positive Energy

The 100% Natural Ingredients that make it special

The 100% natural ingredients of this Dhoop, as mentioned in our ancient texts, are known for their beneficial properties that influence our subconscious and surroundings positively. They are sought from their finest sources known to man.

Cinnamon - Fights off infection
Frankincense - Dispels negativity
Gum Damar - Invites positivity
Benzoin - Ushers in joy
Jatamansi - Calms

Cinnamon is considered as a natural remedy for various ailments. It is extremely beneficial as an antioxidant, to improve blood circulation, to reduce stress, relieve pain, fight off infections, protect against insects and do more.

Frankincense dispels negativity from the surrounding atmosphere and cleanses the impurities. It is understood that burning Frankincense daily, ushers in good health and well-being. It has been used for hundreds of years for treating arthritis, healing wounds, strengthening female hormone system, purifying the atmosphere from undesirable germs.

Gum Damar (Dipterocarpaceae), also known as Dhuna in Hindi and Bengali, is a resin obtained from a family of trees in India and East Asia. Being a compound that generates copious fumes, it has been traditionally used to honour the Gods and Spirits. Benzoin helps to dispel a dull atmosphere to usher in happiness and joy. It is an effective antidepressant, deodorant and disinfectant as well. Jatamansi is known as a calming medicinal herb in Ayurveda. It is mostly found in the Himalayas and is prescribed as an Ayurvedic medicine against stress, depression and hysteria.

Significance of burning dhoop
According to ancient Ayurveda, burning dhoop represents the smell or gandh aspect of the senses. It also depicts the sattvic or purest form, and hence used for daily worship rituals and ceremonies. Ages ago, in the Indian Ayurveda system the ancient system of healthcare, dried herbs were used to make natural incense, and were used to prevent infections, purify the environment, energize the vital life and aid in healing, relaxation and concentration.

The principle of Pancha-mahabhoota

Made using the five elements in nature -
Earth - Roots
Water – Stems and Branches
Fire – Flower and Buds
Air - Leaves
Ether – Seeds and Fruits

As per Ayurvedic wisdom, the human body is made up of five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. These elements, in various combinations, determine the prakriti or body type of every individual, also known as Dosha. Our Dhoops have been created using this ancient secret of the Pancha-mahabhoota, which means each Dhoop blend is a combination of these five elements.

All our Dhoops are 100% herbal and are blended strictly following this Pancha-mahabhoota principle. We ensure that each blend is a harmonious synergy of: seeds and fruits which represent Ether, stems & and branches that represent Water, roots that symbolize Earth, flowers, and buds that represent Fire, and leaves that represent Air.

The ‘Only’ Dhoops made using Pancha-mahabhoota

Since we are the only manufacturer combining this ancient knowledge with the purest of ingredients, our Dhoops are more effective than others. Thus helping you make the most out of your aromatherapy sessions.

Popular across the world by different names

India is one of the largest exporters of dhoop and incense in the world. Thanks to its roots strongly based in Ayurvedic wisdom. Not only in India, Dhoops have been prevalently used across the world in countries with a rich culture and heritage.

Dhoop is also called Bukhoor, Bakhoor, Dakhoon or even referred to as Bakhoom in Arabic, which is usually associated with scented bricks or a blend of natural ingredients, mostly chips of wood soaked in fragrant oils, resins and essential oils. Bakhoor is traditionally burned in a traditional burner using charcoal briquettes or using a metal charcoal holder . A meagre amount of dhoop, when burnt can transform or living space into an oasis of fragrance and can be used during celebrations, heighten meditation practices, for relaxation, weddings & welcoming guests at home and offices etc. As a more traditional use women also use it to give their garments an exotic smell.

It is said that Koh, or high-quality of Japanese incense, was brought to Japan by Korean Buddhist monks in the 6th century who used these mystical aromas during special purification rituals. Similarly another version of Dhoop is also known as Agarwood or Jinko in Japanese. Some Japanese samurais would perfume their helmets and armours with incense to achieve an aura of invincibility. In yet another form, incense is referred to as Xiang and incense sticks are known as Joss Sticks in Chinese and were widely used during the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasty rules. The usage of incense powder and incense sticks such as Frankincense, Rose, Nagchampa, Nightqueen etc, is spread not just in Asia but throughout the world. In fact, Sage and Cedar aromas were used by the indigenous tribes in North America too.

Healing that directly affects the subconscious

Ancient Ayurvedic texts propounded that through the burning of Dhoop, the sense of smell can bypass the rational or conscious mind and can affect the more subtle layers of the human being. Thus it brings about balance and harmony at deeper levels of mind and promotes good health and well-being while also enhancing the mood and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Effect on Doshas or Ayurvedic prakriti
Cinnamon – Excellent pacifier
Frankincense –Purifies
Gum Damar –Balances
Benzoin – Warms & moisturizes
Jatamansi – Balances tridoshas

Cinnamon is a warming spice which makes it excellent for pacifying Kapha and balancing Vata doshas.

Frankincense being Sattvic in nature and hence has a purifying effect on mind and the nervous system. Pitta prakriti people usually have a calming effect of Frankincense. It also relieves anxiety and nervousness associated with a Vata person. Additionally, it also revitalizes the Kapha personality and clears the respiratory tract, nasal and sinus congestion.

Gum Damar is known to balance the Vata and Kapha Doshas whereas Benzoin with its warming properties and moisturizing nature helps balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha with its sweet and pleasant aroma. Besides helping in cleansing the aura, it also helps open the heart centre. Similarly, Jatamansi, or Indian Spikenard, is known to balance all the three doshas but is excellent for balancing Vata dosha.

Don’t know your Dosha yet, take this quick test to find out!

So go ahead, purify your surroundings with our exotic range of 100% natural and non-toxic dhoops. We have made your aromatherapy experience even more convenient with our range of accessories such as our quick-lighting charcoal briquettes that are specially created with a bowl-like cavity. They are astonishingly clean burning and non-toxic. You can order our OMVED organic charcoal briquettes alongwith a Charcoal briquette holder.

To burn these dhoops we also have an elegant range of stoneware dhoop burners or dhoop holders to make your rituals and aromatherapy sessions more convenient.

How to Use:

Ignite a Dhoop charcoal with cavity, known as charcoal briquette, specially made for incense burning, such as OMVED Charcoal , on a flame.

After the briquette crackles and glows bright, set it in a container on a bed of sand. You can also use a Dhoopdan or OMVED range of accessories for lighting the Dhoop. The layer of sand under the charcoal should be at least 3/4-1 inch thick.
Gradually fan or blow on the tablet till it is aglow and stops crackling. Use a spoon or tweezers to drop the incense onto the tablet and fan the dhoop to let the aroma spread.


- Don't discard burning Dhoop in a wastebasket
- Dip it in water to douse it properly before next use
- Never leave burning Dhoop unattended in presence of children or pets

There’s no doubt that burning Dhoop to purify our homes, offices and living spaces is a healthy practice we must follow. However, if you intend to thoroughly purify and cleanse your surroundings, look no further. So why wait, order your Protect Najarbutti Dhoop today!




Blended with herbs, resins of Cinnamon, Frankincense, Gum Damar, Benzoin, Jatamansi and a proprietary blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essential oils and herbs must be pure when used therapeutically, for only then they contain a great quantity of prana, the vital cosmic energy that purifies and open the subtle channels providing energy to all levels of the body with the maximum vitality and effectiveness.

Ignite a dhoop charcoal (specially made for incense burning) by using the flame of a stove or candle. The briquette should start to crackle and glow.

Next, set the charcoal in a container on a bed of sand or place it in a dhoopdan. If you are placing it on the sand bed, then the sand layer under the charcoal should be at least 3/4-1 inch thick.

Slowly fan or blow on the tablet.Use a knife, spoon or tweezers to drop the incense onto the tablet once it starts glowing. Fan the dhoop to let the aroma spread.

The charcoal may continue to burn for upto two hours after lighting - so don't just throw it in a wastebasket. Use tweezers to extract the tablet and submerse it in water to discard if the tablet is still lit.

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