Affiliate Program


Omved Affiliate Partner Program

Omved welcomes you to join our community of Affiliate Marketers. Our Affiliate Program is a great way for you to earn commission by promoting our 100% pure and natural products on your website, blogs, etc. So, if you love Omved’s pure, natural and chemical-free products and wish to earn some extra income promoting them then come join us as our Affiliate Partner.

Omved’s Affiliate Program is free to join and a great way for bloggers and website owners to promote our entire range of personal care and wellness therapies. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge and is easy to sign-up.

How does it work?

Step one - You just need to enroll as an Affiliate Partner with us and we will generate a unique code for you.

Step two - While promoting our products on your blog or website using our page URL, you just have to copy and paste this unique code after the page URL. So, after a user clicks on your link, they will be redirected to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software.

Step three - Once a purchase is completed from the traffic you send us, you earn commission of up to 15%.

Example -

In the above example, “?affiliate=omved” is a unique affiliate identity and adding it to any of our page URLs will create a combined affiliate URL.


Simply tell us a few things about yourself before we set up your affiliate account.

Please email the following details to - First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, Country, State/Province, City, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, ZIP/Postal Code and Phone/Mobile Number.

Start Earning Right Away

You can start earning commission right away for orders you refer to us at We shall pay you the referral fees on eligible products after order, payment, and shipping.